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Full Version: Things to Consider Before Buying an Android Phone
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Android, the Google-owned mobile operating system, is slowly inching towards its goal of total market dominance as more and more people are making the switch. One thing that really works for Android is the fact that it offers almost all the features that its competitor iPhone offers without compromising on the user's freedom of choice.

While iPhone users are stuck with the same hardware and the same features, Android users get a lot of choices in every department. Walk in to a gadget store and ask for an Android phone; there's a huge chance that you'll be shown more than 10 different Android devices.

So, before you run to your nearest gadget store, here are few things you should consider before buying one:

Make a list of the features you need
Do the research first
Read the reviews
Check the OS version
Check the manufacturer first

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a way below par article.... seriously man, the blogger need to do some homework before taking such tricky subjects thumbd.

Anyway thanks SKK for the share.
Thanks SKK