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Full Version: WinZip 16 is out
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WinZip is proud to announce our latest release, WinZip 16.0! In addition to cutting-edge compression, encryption, and archiving capabilities, WinZip 16.0 includes the following NEW capabilities:

Avoid email size limits and send up to 2GB, hassle-free
Upload and post any type of file directly to Facebook
Tap into your computer's full zipping power with our new 64-bit zip engine
Zip and write files directly to Blu-ray Disc
Enjoy greater flexibility with support for additional compressed file formats
Scan your system for PC performance issues with just one click
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Thanks bro Wink
Now winzip started to become a bloat, im gonna switch wht abt u guys. Scanning inside a zip arhiver is winzip going nuts. I dont hope they introduce a malaware scanner along with it. Anyway its their wish. Anyway winzip System suite and its registry scanning technology is of advanced system optimizer.

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new features look promising
thank for the sharing........
let me try it once... long time when i stop using WinZip...