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Full Version: Opera Mini Version 6.5 Will Now Help To Track Data Usage
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Today Opera Software released the Opera Mini browser version 6.5 for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Opera Mobile 11.5 for S60.

The latest version of Opera Mini 6.5 and Opera Mobile 11.5 both contain a innovative features which will keep track of your data usage.

A data counter located under the help menu in both products let you track your web surfing usage.

Two different counters, one for total usage and one for temporary usage, let you stay in charge of your data usage if you need to watch the data cap or costs.

To download the latest version of Opera Mini 6.5 browser point your mobile browser to m.opera.com.

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Thanks for the info
good news for opera mini users clap
good news.

I had it on my BB
thanks for the info...