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Full Version: Easy Watermark Studio (Giveaway) 48 hour
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Easy Watermark Studio is a professional application that helps users to protect their private images from being copied. It allows users to create text or image based watermarks based on their company logo. The watermark can be designed to meet professional standards, several watermark effects can be applied, such as drop shadow, outer glow, alpha transparency, and more. Easy Watermark studio can also edit and apply watermark effects on animated Gifs, which many popular image editing programs Thumb

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Grr-Edit: hotlinked image removed fart
This site doesnt give the password, saying "Duplicate email address", coz I had used that email for another promo long back. .

OK- I used mailinator for a disposable e-id. I hope it`s alright to mention this here. Else , delete this post.