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Full Version: Firefox 4
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I have never heard someone playing with FF4. Any news or update? Or do you still use FF3 like me?
It's better SM. Current is 4.0.1. Very good user experience. Though my main is chrome but now I think FF4 will surely replace chrome from my preference Lolz.
I have been using it since a week after it came out. I like it. Seems to be faster. However I did pretty much tweak it back to looking like FF3.

Also used this.. Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
to get all my add ons to work.
I am using FF4 since as it releases very impressive, fast & slick design. i am quite happy with it. but to say sometimes when i open 8-10 tabs about 3-4 times it crashes down. i know in a single window 8-10 tabs is quite heavy, but in FF3 this doesn't happen ever. i am sure with latest updates this will be short out by MOZILLA AS IT RECEIVES EVERY CRASH REPORT.
As we speak, I have 27 tabs..Probably only have 10 really "open" though. I use Something called "Bar Tab".

"So you keep open tabs like libraries keep books... Aren't you afraid Firefox will consume all your memory? Don't you fear browser restarts because it takes so long to reload all your tabs?

Well, you shouldn't! Because now you can put all the tabs you don't need on your bar tab, and only pay for the load when you actually want to visit them.

BarTab can intercept when tabs are loaded in the background or restored after a browser restart and will only load the content when the tab is actually visited. It also allows you to free memory by unloading already loaded tabs, either manually or automatically."

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Says it doesn't work with 4..but it does..Use that Disable Add-on Compatibility Check in Firefox 4 I mentioned above.
Still on version 3
I'm on ver 3. I wait for the switch off, thanks for sharing experiences
Disabling Compatibility Checker will result in Addons not being disabled with updates.

For compatibility with Firefox 4 - get 'Addon Compatibility Reporter'
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>>when i open 8-10 tabs about 3-4 times it crashes down.
8-10 tabs is not alot (a little) and should not crash Firefox.

Many times, problems can be traced back to incompatible or conflicting extensions. Disable all addons and see how it runs with many tabs open, then enable one by one to find problem.(usually restart required each time).

Perhaps we can help find compatible addon builds if you post what you need.