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Full Version: 'PC Decrapifier' and 'SlimDown'
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PC Decrapifier
The PC Decrapifier will uninstall many of the common trialware and annoyances found on many of the PCs from big name OEMs. Below is the current list of software and items that the PC Decrapifier can detect and remove. You get to see the list of items it detects and then choose what will be removed automatically.
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Slim Down Your Computer
Computers come pre-loaded with promotional software, ad links, toolbars and trial offers. SlimComputer uses crowd-sourced feedback to make optimization recommendations for your computer. It removes unneeded programs, start-up entries and services and slims down your new machine to make it run fast and clean like it's supposed to.
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Hmm interesting going to see this.
I have used PC Decrapifier, works good.
Never used them , but thanks, good to know