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Full Version: Zemana AntiLogger Free 1 year
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Giveaway Page ---> Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.

1. Enter registration information and click Senden you will then receive a conformation link in your email.
2. Click on conformation link in email and you will receive license code a few hours later.
Very good share! Thanks Mike.
Thanks Mike.
Thank you mike, very Nice Share
Thanks mike good share.
Received email with license code but it says it's no good. Any one else having this problem?
Hmm i have not tried it...
I got an email with the key in it too, but when I enter it it says invalid key. I did a reply to the same email to see if they write back with a fix.
is this work on English version? i think it will not, only for German installer.
I have tried that German giveaway two times, using two different email addresses, but I have never received the code. Is it reserved to German users?
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