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Full Version: Free Extract Any Mail
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[Image: ExtractAnyMailMini.jpg]

Quote:Other Features

- Extract Any Mail works with any ports mentioned. It supports SSL authentication.
- Extract Any Mail is too fast. It creates background threads and can perform the same task quickly.
- User just need to mention his/her id. They can add any number of ID they needed to extract. Then Extract Any Mail will do the rest for them.
- Extract Any Mail supports saving result list in multiple formats. So it is always easy to maintain potential Email IDs.
- Extract Any Mail is very easy to use. It has a good User Interface that helps users navigate easily. Also it contains a comprehensive Task Management window.

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to get your free code.
Very good find, thanks.
I've noticed whenever someone posts a giveaway from Brothergiveaway they don't give them credit for it, maybe a comment on their site, they could use them (seriously they could). Just saying. Otherwise thanks.
Nice share.