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Full Version: 200 Programs = ruined performance - EEK!
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A comparison of a PC loaded with just some standard basics, Office and a game, versus the same system piled with 200 "popular" applications.

The first result, boot time, sets the scene, and that's just the start of the pain.
Clean = 1m 22s
Dirty = 7m 6s Banghead

Perhaps it would be more interesting to know which were the worst offenders, as 200 (or even 2000) "no install" programs should make little difference, while those that pile in startups and update service parasites etc. will have far more impact.
OMG! I had over 450 programs installed on my other HDD. And My PC still ran quick. Granted no screen savers..Most were games. No popup crap..etc. My Start up programs/services were minimal(Thanks to WinPatrol Pro). So I think it has a lot to do with what and how it is installed.
It's a very interesting and clever marketing approach to their software
It IS the blog for Tuneup, so obviously Tuneup is the answer, now what's the question, but they did a very good job of illustrating what is often known as "Windows rot".
Wow hmm agree with you Matth. Boot time 7m 6s Violin.
U could use startup delayer to delay the startup programs from loading and get a short startup time...