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Full Version: Giveaway of the Day - @Max SyncUp 2.9
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@Max SyncUp is a feature-rich utility for backing up and synchronizing your files whether locally or online. It is the easiest way to back up and restore important files or keep your documents up to date on your desktop and laptop computers.

With @Max SyncUp you can:

back up and synchronize your files to a local folder, removable USB drive, networked computer or NAS, FTP or SFTP server or Google Drive cloud storage – all completely automatically;
create full or incremental backups with compression and data encryption;
perform bi-directional synchronization with the proper processing of any changes and deletion obsolete files;
preview files to be processed and change automatically designated actions;
easily browse the contents of the archives, search and select files and restore them individually in any place;
keep multiple versions of the same file and restore it for a specified date;
quickly compare and synchronize two folders in a few clicks right from Windows Explorer.

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looks good & useful
thanks dude
Thank You
thanks for the heads-up