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Full Version: Get TrustPort Total Protection/ USB Antivirus 2013 free
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1 .Click here to sign up for a free 1 acc:

Quote:Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.

[Image: iRds8Zu8ECoy8.jpg]

Confirm to active your acc:

[Image: ibe4tHIEXCFTav.jpg]

2 .You must have Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system .

3 .You have IE9 or more .

Once you have all three conditions above , go to the following in IE:

Quote:Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.

Click the icon of our Ludka in the browser address bar and drag it to the taskbar

[Image: i5KpzTuyxpROW.jpg]

Competition to open the form, click the right mouse button on the pinned icon on the taskbar.

[Image: i9pv6kEToqICG.jpg]

Click the "odbierz licencje !":

[Image: i8OuzfPyARJq1.jpg]

Then follow the lead of the page:

[Image: ibsCe5ky63DvLT.jpg]

and you will receive the following message:

Quote:Dziękujemy za wzięcie udziału w akcji - licencja pojawi się w Twoim profilu w ciągu kilku dni.

Thank you for taking part in the action - the license will appear on your profile in a few days.

thank you so much for sharing
Thanks for the share....
but why the unnecessary step of pinning it to task bar thing....
works jut as fine without the step for me....
Didn't work for me.
right click on pinned icon shows nothing except start inprivate browsing
This is the most difficult one to get I have ever encountered on this site. It's a totally idiotic sham and in a different language. The process to get this software makes most all other giveaways seem simple in comparison. Nowhere can you find activation key. A total sham to get noticed. I'm really pissed off at this company.
Thumb Thanks Mr.Giang
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