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Full Version: how to do pork rips
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1. use butter knife to get under membrane and grip with paper towel.

2. put ribs in foil in a turky broaster oven pan, put apple juice in each foil wrap and dump a bunch of apple juice in the bottom of the pan.

3. cook at 200 for about 5 hours and check, if pink in middle do another half hour.

4. have a charcoal grill ready to go, i recommend if using lighter fluid to give at least 20 minutes for the fuel to burn off, no one like the taste of lighter fluid.

5. smother in famous daves bq sauce both sides, cook around 10 minutes on each side, time may very depending on how far away from coals your grill is set to.
Lolz nice share !
Sounds great...Just waiting for the invite now. Smile
Thanks Tom! Smile
Are Pork ribs different of Spareribs?
pork is considered wite meat right guys?
also thanks for the tip
It's actually.."the other white meat".

aqua, from GOTD?
Good share Tongue.