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Full Version: BeCyPDFMetaEdit
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freeware for Windows, you can edit any of the metadata embedded in a PDF document, add information such as new keywords, bookmarks.... You can also customize the transition between pages when using the PDF document as a slide show, modify encryption/permissions of a document.

Quote: Features
1) Incremental Update / Rewrite / Repair
By default, BeCyPDFMetaEdit uses so called incremental updates to save document editions. That means changes to the document are just appended to the end of the existing file without touching the previous content. When desired, such incremental update can be undone to restore the original content of the document
The alternative to incremental updating is completely rewriting the file. This way, all previously performed updates and the current changes are merged which results in a more compact file structure.
In case of damaged documents, one can try the repair mode in order to restore a proper file structure so that the file can be opened without errors by viewer applications.

Note: Saving makes a document's optimization for fast web-viewing (linearization) unusable. The document can be viewed just as before but without the speedup of the linearization.

2) Batch Mode
As an alternative to the dialog-based user interface, the tool supports operating in batch mode (for usage in batch files or links). The full usage description of the command line can be accessed via the "Help" button of the main dialog or by using the command line parameter /?.
Thanks,looks good