Free PHP Master: Write Cutting-edge Code – 135 Page Preview

| June 29, 2012

Sharp, sure-fire techniques guaranteed to take your PHP skills to the next level! PHP Master: Write Cutting-edge Code is tailor-made for PHP developers who are serious about refining their server-side applications. This book will help you to employ the most effective object oriented programming approaches, wrap your projects in layers of security, and ensure your code is doing its job perfectly.

What’s inside?

  • Create professional, dynamic applications according to an object-oriented blueprint, make your code and applications more efficient and easier to maintain.
  • Learn advanced performance evaluation techniques for maximum site efficiency, and brush up on the best testing methods to refine your code and keep your applications watertight.
  • See how you can protect your sites against attacks and vulnerabilities with the latest PHP security considerations, techniques and systems.
  • Learn how you can use PHP’s extensive range of APIs, extensions and libraries (PEAR, PECL etc) to greatly extend your application’s functionality.


Also with this free preview you will also receive updates covering all the technical aspects of web development. From the latest PHP techniques to advanced HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, ASP and a whole lot more courtesy of SitePoint.

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