Get AIMP3, a Free advanced music player

| May 5, 2012

Since the advent of the first public test version of the program took more than year – during which time much has been improved, many bug fixes, and some units had been completely rewritten from scratch.

Some of the major features in AIMP3 (compared with AIMP2):

  • New style of both the program and the project in whole
  • New version of skin-engine – focus to modern versions Windows
  • Own sound engine – output using ASIO / WASAPI / DirectSound methods
  • Playlists – Added “Single playlist mode”
  • Playlists – Added ability to lock playlist from changes
  • Playlists – Added ability to set individual appearance settings for every playlist
  • Playlists – Extended functionality for working with groups
  • Support of surround sound 5.1 / 7.1
  • Completely redesigned the Audio Library
  • Full support of the ReplayGain
  • Plugins API has been redesigned
  • Usability has been improved

Get AIMP3, a Free advanced music player

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