[Giveaway] ④ in a Row for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| December 20, 2010

This is ④ in a Row like you have never experienced before. A smart point system: Each time a tile is dropped, the point score is increased. The increase is based on the number of tiles intersecting the tile just dropped multiplied by the value of the decreasing multiplier at the time the tile is dropped 🙂

=> Thanks to Game Center and OpenFeint, you can now rank and compare ④ in a Row scores and achievements against friends and strangers

=> ④ in a Row also counts the runs, that is, each uninterrupted sequence of games won, and adds them to the online leaderboards

When you connect four of your tiles in a row before your opponent, you win and you gain the points generated. But, if the device (or your opponent) connects four tiles before you do, you lose, and you also lose all the points you have generated during the game. A connection can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, but it must lie in a straight line and must be connected 🙂


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