[Giveaway] Chameleon Volume Pro FULL VERSION Unlimited downloads for 72 hours

| March 7, 2011

Imagine if your music were to magically stop when receiving an incoming Skype call instead of scrambling round to find and stop the player yourself. This is now possible with advanced software Chameleon Volume that acts to pause your music and resume playback after the call is over. It’s like having your very own intuitive DJ at home!

Chameleon Volume synchronizes the work between media players and Skype and also controls the volume. If you have music playing and want to watch a video, just start the video and Chameleon Volume will stop the music for you.

To control players, just use the mouse buttons on the taskbar: play/pause with the middle button (usually the wheel); switch to the next/previous tracks with right and left mouse buttons; rotate the wheel to increase/decrease the volume.

Programs compatible with Chameleon Volume

Full support

Skype 4 and above
Windows Media Player
foobar2000 (You need to install the plugin ‘Winamp IPC emulator’)
Light Alloy (You need to enable ‘Emulate WinAMP window’ in Light Alloy’s preferences)
Apollo 37
Quintessential Player

Partial support

GOM Player
Media Player Classic
Corel WinDVD
CyberLink PowerDVD
Unsupported features:
Automatically resume playback (after the Skype call is over etc)
Automatically pause other players when playback in the program interface starts
Set the player volume at startup

Incompatible programs

E.M. Total Video Player
Spider player

In cooperation with NeoSoft tools (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 72 hours unlimited downloads for the FULL VERSION! of Chameleon Volume Manager. Thanks to Mr. Evgeni.


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