[Giveaway] Cosmic Top for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| April 16, 2011

Cosmic Top is a virtual toy, a 3D audiovisual physics simulation of a spinning, wobbling, and sometimes morphing top. Seeming to float among stars, the top can take on unlimited colorful shapes and sci-fi sounds which appear to glow and hum from within your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. You control the top with your touch and can experience its sights and sounds at any angle by moving your device around.

✔ Realistic physics simulation via Euler’s equations for rotating bodies
✔ 3D graphics and audio
✔ Simple and intuitive multi-touch control with up to 11 active touches on iPad, 5 on iPhone and iPod touch
✔ Uses Retina display and Three-axis gyro , if available
✔ Optimized for high animation frame rate for each iOS device
✔ Unlimited shapes and sounds generated from randomized mathematical functions providing lots of replay value
✔ Fun for both young and old


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