[Giveaway] Crimson512 Encryption Software FULL VERSION, 10 licenses

| January 28, 2011

Crimson512 is a powerful and easy to use file encryption software, with cloud-based protection for unmatched security against any cryptographic attack. Crimson512 will give you unbreakable security if you do just one thing: use strong password. That’s usually where the problem is: strong passwords, particularly random ones, are hard to remember and therefore hard to use.

The highlights:

  • Easy: Right click to encrypt and decrypt any number of files, regardless of file types.
  • Fast: Encryption engine optimized for multicore CPUs and fast drives.
  • Convenient: Let your portable drive keep your password: no memorizing, no typing, no mistake.
  • Secure: 512-bit symmetric-key block cipher with cloud-based unbreakable protection.
  • Reasonably priced: Per-use pricing for unlimited users and unlimited installations.


Unlike most file encryption software, Crimson512 is not standalone. It works in concert with Crimson Service, a cloud-based service that provides active protection against any attempt to break the security.


Each time you instruct Crimson512 to perform an encryption (or decryption), it makes a request to the service. Every authorized request counts as one use.

If everything is in order, the service will respond with an authorization key. Crimson512 requires this key to proceed encrypting (or decrypting) your files.

Preventing brute-force attacks

The service has the opportunity and responsibility of verifying every request, detecting the possibility of attack and respond appropriately by allowing, delaying or rejecting the request. It will forcefully slow down or stop any attack it encounters midway, particularly brute-force attacks. It is not circumventable in any way and this is why we can guarantee constant protection.

In cooperation with RED-CIPHER (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 10 licenses! of  Crimson512 Per-Use Light worth $15.00 each !

To get the chance to win:

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