[Giveaway] Download MCE Tunes to play iTunes music from the Microsoft Media Center, with serial

| December 23, 2010

MCE Tunesis a special plug-in developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows Media center which enables it to play iTunes music (m4a and m4p) files right from the easy-to-use Media Center music navigation interface. No more fumbling with a mouse and keyboard to find the right music to listen to! Simply grab your remote and find all your music – quickly and easily.


  • Microsoft Media Center 2005 (with Update Rollup 2 installed from Windows Update) or Vista
  • iTunes Version 6.x, 7.x, or later
  • iTunes Music (m4a files) or iTunes Music Store Music (m4p files)
  • All iTunes Music Store (m4p) files must be authorized to play on your PC

Download MCE Tunes here, insert this serial number: 2KQ9S-2RST8-87R94-MKMKM-K4T2M

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