[Giveaway] Download WinX Bluray DVD iPad Ripper with serial

| January 12, 2011

WinX Bluray DVD iPad Ripper is an easy way to transfer Blu-ray and DVD to iPad, iPhone, iPod and Apple TV. Rip homemade and protected Blu-ray DVD to iPad iPhone iPod and Apple TV. Watch your favorite movie on Apple video player.

Major upgrade from previous version:

1.    Perfectly remove Blu-ray region code, all copy protections AACS & BD+.

2.    Built in 128 encoders & decoders. Convert Blu-ray and DVD without third-party codecs.

3.    Compatible with Blu-ray H264, MPEG, VC1 video formats.

4.    Support Blu-ray DTS/E-AC3 and MLP/TrueHD Audio System.


Optimized MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 CPU instructions and support for Multi-core CPU and Hyper-threading, WinX Bluray DVD iPad Ripper is tested to be the No.1 fast Blu-ray ripping software in the current market. The program could achieve above 65 FPS ripping speed even on PC which doesn’t turn on Nvidia Cuda. It takes about 45 minutes to rip 2-hour Blu-ray to iPad and iPhone 4. Compared with similar product, it decodes Blu-ray 1080P/1080i video with remarkably improved speed.

You can get it for free. Go to the promo page and download it! This giveaway is valid until Jan 31, 2011

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Thanks to Grr.

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