[Giveaway] Eazy Fix

| October 15, 2013

Eazy Fix lets you to instantly undo common user errors and serious system problems on your PC without technical know-how.

It eliminates the hassles and headaches of fixing PC problems by simply returning the PC to the way it was in a few seconds.

Eazy Fix is a PC time machine!

What Can Eazy Fix Be Used For
1. Use Eazy Fix to  restore system to working order even if Windows fails to start up
2. Use Eazy Fix to recover deleted or corrupted files
3. Use Eazy Fix to clean up virus and spyware infections
4. Use Eazy Fix to remove unwanted software installations
5. Use Eazy Fix to rollback failed software deployment
6. Use Eazy Fix to reset workstations to desired baseline upon rebooting
7. Use Eazy Fix to create test beds for software testing
8. Use Eazy Fix to protect system and data from unauthorized access
9. Use Eazy Fix to create drive backup images for bare metal recovery
10. Use Eazy Fix to transfer a computer’s entire operating system, with programs and data files intact, to new computers

eazy fix

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2. [Giveaway] Eazy Fix

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