[Giveaway] eMagMaker PDF Editor Free for 72 hours

| November 24, 2012

With eMagMaker PDF Editor, you can edit many things on PDF pages. Use edit functions such as drawing pictures to make the PDF file more attractive. You can draw line and arrow circle, or high light the spot to draw readers’ attention. And also, you could add text description into PDF pages to show more detailed information.

Do you want to insert your homepage link into your PDF report pages? Or do you want to add ads without annoying you readers? And do you want to lead your report or presentation readers to the product download or purchase interface? Well, eMagMaker PDF Editor can do all these jobs for you. You just draw hyperlink on the PDF pages to go to specific webpages by using eMagMaker PDF Editor.

eMagMaker PDF Editor is easy-to-operate software, you could easily modify PDF content and layout. By only a few clicks and simple drags, you could change book text, fix error, add new content, highlight important part, draw simple shapes to make PDF file more readable and acceptable. All these edit work will not require any programming knowledge or computer skill. It is easy to carry out and complete.

eMagMaker PDF Editor is specially designed for editing PDF files. By using it, you can edit PDF documents by inserting beautiful picture, text description, lines, circle, rectangle and high light. Finally, preview page layout and then click “Bulid to PDF” to output your modified PDF immediately. In generally, the entire process takes minutes.

The software contains four major parts: the home menu, the edit menu, the thumbnail panel, and preview window.

Home menu lets you import PDF, save/open project, and output PDF;

Edit menu lets you insert link, image, and text descriptions in PDF pages;

Thumbnail interface enables you to quickly go to specific page;

Preview panel lets you view your page edit results simultaneously.

Amd much more!

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