[Giveaway] Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall FULL VERSION 50 licenses!

| January 22, 2011

Online Armor Firewall monitors all data that is tranferred on your PC and from your PC, minimizes contact surface for hackers and harmful software, and  a new feature: Online Banking Mode – Prevents you from phishing attacks. It is very comfortable but even very dangerous to operate financial transactions by the computer. For this reason Online Armor offers the unique and especially secure Online Banking Mode. In this mode the computer can only access self-authorized Online banking pages – no other homepages can be accessed, this excludes phishing pages even. For that feature the tool only has to be feeded with the correct web-address of the very own bank institute and its according subpages. With the integrated Online Armor Browser Online Banking can be accessed then totally riskless.

New in Online Armor:

  • Firewall in 3 operation modes:
    Online Armor at first starts in the standard mode, which is easy to handle for every user. It is not about technical intricacies, but simply about the question: is a certain program allowed to access the Internet or not? A white list collects programs where the software ensures that they are secure. In this case the firewall automatically permits the access. In the expert mode there are much more options for experienced users. For example, it is possible to permit the access in a few certain networks only and to prevent websites from specific countries being well known for spreading malicious software from loading. The third mode is the banking mode which stands for secure online banking.
  • Keylogger protection:
    Keylogger are a sort of malware waiting for key strokes invisibly in the background. Those keystrokes then are usually sent to a hacker – for example a Paypal login, or the PIN of a online banking website. Online Armor works reliably here and reports all suspicious programs recording keyboard sequences. A permanently controlled whitelist collects the names of programs, which are assumed as safe despite such routines. For programs on the whitelist Online Armor will not bother the user.
  • DNS-Spoofing protection:
    A method to send clueless users to faked Online banking pages is called DNS-Poisoning. One’s own Internet Service Provider offers a DNS-Server, that will convert a text address entered in a browser to a numerical IP address. Clever cyber-criminals may redirect such requests to their computers where an own DNS-server is installed which then leads the user to a phishing website. Online Armor Personal Firewall prevents that by rechecking all DNS requests with an own secure server. There will be an immediate alert, when the used DNS-server emits a different IP.
  • Autostart control:
    A lot of programs automatically start together with Windows – whether this is volitional or not. Online Armor lists all autostarters and allocates them a security status (secure, not secure, unknown). The user may then decide on his own whether these programs are allowed to start in the future or not. Online Armor again offers a whitelist with a lot of secure programs the user can trust in.

Online Armor Premium runs on Windows XP SP3 (32bit), Vista SP2 (32bit) and 7 (32bit & 64bit).

In cooperation with Emsisoft.com (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 50 licenses! of  Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall,  worth € 30 each.

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