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| May 26, 2014

Hard Disk Sentinel Standard is a very useful utility in checking your hard drives status to see if it’s performing well, if cooling is good, or seeing the health of the hard drive. Information you need is easily shown with a good overview of your hard drive and tabs showing you more specifics on the hard drive.



            Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Interface gives you good information on what’s going on with your hard drives and what you’ll want to know. When starting up you’ll come with main overview which will show you an overview if hard drive performance/health is excellent, what actions it suggest if there’s something wrong, how long your computer been up and a health percentage bar while it shows you the connected hard drives and space on the left hand side. The next tab shows you the temperature of your drive were you can see the current, average, maximum, and minimum of drive(s). With also showing you temperature of lifespan. Gives you info on the status and a graph to see the usage and how it does. If in case you need to you can custom the max or min so if in case you want to be notified if it gets to a certain temperature.


Hard Disk Sentinel lets you see the S.M.A.R.T. information and gives you a status while at bottom it’ll show you the raw read error rate graph. The information tab gives you the specifics of the hard drive and all the information you’ll like to know about what your hard drive is capable. If a problem, usually you could go to the log/alerts and see what and when it was caused and know what to do to make sure your data is backed up if something serious. You are also able to select email alerts which you can get an email if in case something happened if you have many computers and want to know when something is wrong when you’re not there. The Disk Performance is a good place to see if your disk is performing well and if you are seeing the read/write rate as you would hope.

Hard Disk Sentinel comes with various ways to test your hard drives with short/extended self-test, random seek test, online warranty check, hard disk test, and advanced power management which seems to be standard selection until system supports free-fall control and acoustic management configuration.

Hard Disk Sentinel has given some good information about the Hard Drives connected. It is a fast and easy to use Hard Drive information tool which there is no need to wait for it to get the info from the Hard Drives. The Main window gives you good information of all your hard disks and in middle gives you information of actions if a problem was found on a hard drive. So at least you are able to know if the problems can be fixed through warranty or if they won’t be considered as a warranty replacement. Hard Disk Sentinel lets you view the Temperatures of your hard drives and let you configure to the max temperatures the hard drive can withstand. This is good depending if your hard drive regularly over heats and has to be kept in watch and if it goes over, it gives you a notification by email, sound, etc. if you have set it up on the settings. You also are able to see the temperature on your taskbar which you can keep watch when working on the computer.


Hard Disk Sentinel has been one of the utilities that does give you the best results of your hard drive and making sure that they are running as they supposed too. Most of the features I have used is the disk performance and temperature view with also viewing the overview. Disk performance lets you see how well the disk is performing and if it is performing to the specs. Hard Disk Sentinel also lets you know if a problem occurs and you can set up in the settings to send you an email, do a sound, or show a pop up if a problem occurs.


Hard Disk Sentinel brings you a way to monitor your Hard Disk with easy to use and view the data of each hard drive. The overview brings you great view of what you might need to put attention too and you can go to the tabs to look at what has to be viewed. Each tab brings more detail of each hard drive with more ways to pinpoint a problem if it exists. Hard Disk Sentinel is a utility to have as you never know what can happen and would help in knowing if your hard drive is running as it should.

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Reviewer: lmanlo

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