[Giveaway] KooRaRoo Media DLNA server

| March 30, 2014

KooRaRoo Media™ allows you to enjoy your movies, music and photos on a wide range of devices in your home, including modern TVs, BluRay players (BDPs), games consoles (PS3 and XBox360), mobile tablets, smart phones and dedicated media players that support DLNA. KooRaRoo features on-the-fly transcoding of files incompatible with your devices, so you don’t have to worry about file formats and codecs. There is extensive parental control that lets you limit content delivered to devices on a per-file or per-folder levels. Very powerful organizing features include dynamic playlists and automatic media library updating. Lots of other great features!

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2. [Giveaway] KooRaRoo Media DLNA server

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