[Giveaway] LetsTans Premium game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| March 28, 2011

Ever thought of playing the Tangram in new ways? After a year of developing here is the PREMIUM version of LetsTans for iPad. It delivers a totally new experience of the captivating Tangram’s spirit and energy.

• 700 hand-crafted puzzles, 550 Tangram shapes.
• 6 playmodes: Classic, Classic+, Checkered, Duo, Replica, and Arcade.
• Created for beginner, skillful, and advanced solvers.
• 7 skins for Classic+ mode.
• Guest Player option: get your friend to play!
• Need help? Use advanced hint system.
• Neat graphics, sounds, and animations.
• Time counter with a pause option.

iTunes link

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