[Giveaway] Modiac Super Package Free for a limited time

| March 29, 2011

Modiac Super Package consists of three products: Modiac Blu-ray ripper, Modiac Video Converter and Modiac DVD ripper. There is a cool giveway offer where you can grab all 3 ones for free.

Blu-Ray ripper helps you rip Blu-ray discs to any popular video files, such as MKV/MP4/AVI/ WMV files, consoles such as PS3, mobile devices such as iPod/iPhone/iPad, and much more.

Video converter is the most terrific conversion tool available today—able to decrypt any Blu-ray discs you want and transfer them to any media format you prefer.

DVD Ripper is the fastest ripper in the world, with the latest patented techniques. It supports multicore CPUs and has adopted NVIDIA’s CUDA accelerating technology.

You can download the software here

Activation instructions:

Product: Modiac Blu-ray Ripper
Active email: giveaway@modiac.com
Active code: f141fd6e101f
Product: Modiac Video Converter
Active email: giveaway@modiac.com
Active code: f142fd6e101c
Product: Modiac DVD Ripper
Active email: giveaway@modiac.com
Active code: f143fd6e101d

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