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| April 12, 2013

Outpost Security Suite Pro is a decent security software that can help protect you from Viruses, Malware, etc. You get an easy to use interface and you can customize your settings to what you like from the general settings or go into the advanced settings which you can change what you want Outpost Security Suite Pro to protect you from. It has a 88% detection rate from test that was ran while testing Outpost Security Suite Pro which is not good enough for the most users.



The installation is straightforward and is done with little options. You start from welcome, license agreement, and checks if you have another AV installed and then installation starts. After installation, a configuration wizard opens with info of updating software and doing a SmartScan.



Outpost Security Suite Pro interface is easy to use and you can know where to go when you need to do a scan, update, or see your activity. The main tab shows you if you are protected and if you want to suspend protection or enable protection, you see your status of the update and when your license expires on. Then you have the Malware Scan which you can perform a quick system scan, full scan, or custom scan. You have the ability to view the Quarantine and send suspicious files for analysis. There’s an option that you can jump directly into the scan settings which you can setup the schedule scan and what each scan will scan for. The first scans will take longer due to Outpost Security Suite Pro learning the scans and should lessen the time when scans is complete after learning your scans. You also have an option to see more details of what’s it scanning and what has it found during the scans.


The next comes the settings which by default everything will be enabled and running in optimal settings. You can click on each section or click on advanced settings to get into setting up Outpost Security Suite Pro to what you want. Outpost Security Suite Pro comes with self-protection, and Auto-learn mode, Anti-Malware, Anti-leak, system and application guard, and web surfing. The Web surfing can block ads and can insert a blank image or add a [AD] text where ads go, this can help you in not accidentally clicking on the ads. Most of the settings is set up to notify you of most of the actions that Outpost Security Suite Pro does which in the advanced settings you can change to automatically remove something or allow certain applications, etc. The firewall is a two way firewall which protects you more than the integrated windows firewall and can block any potential threat detected.



The tools section gives you the options to view the activities that Outpost Security Suite Pro which lets you view the network activity and how many applications are online, the used ports, the online activity, and what attacks has been blocked. You also get a Process activity which lets you monitor the processes running and lets you know if it is an unknown, verified, or a threat and lets you see for what applications it is for. Outpost Security Suite Pro also lets you monitor the file and registry activity for currently running applications and you can view the event viewer for components log files.


The update is straightforward and gives you when it was last updated, malware signatures and the product version and if you want to manually update program. The help section gives your license information and any help you might need through the knowledge base or contacting Agnitum for technical support service.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Outpost Security Suite Pro is a comprehensive security software which does what it says it does and protects your from attacks. Like the ad blocking which works good on mostly many browsers that I’ve run. The auto-learn mode is good and should speed up the way Outpost Security Suite Pro runs, scans and how it notifies you. The resource that it uses is low when no scan is being done at around 15 mb which haven’t seen any big memory spikes on the resource so stays steady when in background and no high memory usage. Outpost Security Suite Pro has an 88% detection rate from the test that was done and it is decent percentage which it is one to consider. You can visit here http://www.agnitum.com/products/security-suite/index.php for more about Outpost Security Suite Pro.

Reviewer: LMANLO

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