[Giveaway] PARAGON System Backup

| April 19, 2011

System Backup is easy to use and highly automated: out-of-the-box automation for scheduled background protection of your complete system and data. Plus, customizable backup strategy options for specialized individual needs. Choose instant automation or customize each backup detail, System Backup does both with maximum levels of protection and power.

Out-of-box automated backup helps you initiate protection of your system and data on a regular basis just after the product installation.

In contrast to many other solutions which only back up your data files, System Backup saves your entire PC to a secure place, providing you with the maximum level of protection.

You will be able to easily recover your OS and data files anytime, even in the case of an operating system crash.

How to get the product:
STEP 1 – Please register using the registration form here to get SERIAL NUMBER (will be sent to your email)
STEP 2 – Download the product: version Windows 32-bit http://dl.paragon-software.com/special/SD10se_fb_32.msi or version for Windows 64-bit http://dl.paragon-software.com/special/S…_64.msi . Please use your SERIAL NUMBER during the installing to activate the product.

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