[Giveaway] PDF TO EPUB Free for a limited time

| April 17, 2012

Turn your PDF files into ePub and Kindle eBooks in 6 simple steps with the PDF to ePub software wizard.


  • Optimized to work best on trade paperback style publications
  • Quick conversion (2 to 5 minutes for an average trade title)
  • 100 % text accuracy
  • Auto paragraph joining algorithm that works automatically across multiple pages
  • Customize front and back cover
  • Correctly splits final HTML into multiple segments, improving performance and lowering memory requirements for ePub readers and eBook devices
  • Handles images and image positioning based on the PDF positioning
  • Provides the PDF to ePub user the option to overwrite glyphs (character images) utilised within the PDF, with custom characters using a simple interface which requires no programming knowledge
  • Converted ePub will be automatically validated to ensure 100% compatibility with ePub check
  • Can convert from PDF to HTML allowing for web pages creation from the PDF text
  • Customise PDF area to extract from thus avoiding common problems with other conversion tools like headers and footers of pages being treated as body text
  • Provides the PDF to ePub user a pre-set option using PDF to ePub preset rules or to employ custom rules to the ePub conversion process
  • For Advanced users – PDF to ePub uses a powerful scripting language (.lua) to allow the PDF to ePub user to fully customise how text and images are extracted from the PDF files
  • Provides the end user the ability to set DPI (resolution) for images and glyph (character images)
  • Convert PDF to Kindle eBooks

Get PDF to EPUB FREE during their Authors Promotion period, limited to the first 20,000 authors.

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