[Giveaway] Photo Scissors Pilot

| July 29, 2011

The Photo Scissors Pilot program allows you to remove objects from a photo and to change the space between them.

1. Remove Objects

  • Marker for selection of ” unnecessary ” and “main” objects
  • Selection of direction in the removing area (vertical / horizontal)
  • Possibility of restoring the original size of the image after removal of the object

2. Change the spacing between main objects (with changing the size of the image)

  • Marker for selection of the remaining objects
  • Possibility of saving the “main” objects without changing

3. Remove small, unnecessary objects with the Smart Patch tool

  • Copy a “smart patch” from one part of an image to another
  • Adjust the color of the copied and pasted object

4. Crop images

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Credits: Forum


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