[Giveaway] Pocket Bugs game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| March 30, 2011

You like squashing bugs with zillions of different weapons? You like shooting at pictures of your friends? You like trying out lots of different crazy guns? Then this is the game for you!

▷ 39 Crazy and Awesome Weapons + many more are coming with the next Update!

▷ Lots of Blood and Explosions!

▷ Endless Fun with hundreds of combinations of weapons, items and victims!

▷ Experiment with Explosives, Bugs, Bomber Airplanes, Gun Towers, Magnets, Bricks, Machine Guns, Lasers, Buzzsaws, Missiles, Poison Traps, Explosive Cookies, Explosive Mines, Freeze Rays, Shrink Rays, Atomic Bombs and many more!

▷ Automatic Tesla, Minigun and Flamethrower Towers!

▷ Build your own traps – lay minefields and lure the silly bugs with candysticks… which explode, too! Get creative!

▷ 13 Types of silly victims… erm bugs!

▷ Beautiful Retina HD Graphics

▷ Let your own photos be the background for your destruction and send your best destroyed pictures to your friends!

▷ High Scores with OpenFeint Leaderboards! Challenge your friends to kill bugs in an even crazier way than you do!

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