[Giveaway] Rise of Immortals Closed Beta Key

| May 15, 2011

Alienware Arena members have exclusive access to Rise of Immortals closed beta keys. Players in the closed beta will gain access to the Lazerus Metal God skin. This skin will only ever be available to the original closed beta testers. Play the next big game today and don’t miss out on what could be the most exclusive skin in Rise of Immortals.

About Rise of Immortals:
Rise of Immortals(TM) is an online, free-to-play PC game that expands on the hit Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre with new, innovative features designed to appeal to both core and casual players.

Players also have the option of taking their Immortals through cooperative Player versus Environment (PvE) scenarios to learn the game, try out new abilities, and earn persistent experience before jumping into Player versus Player (PvP) matches online.

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