[Giveaway] SecurityKiss VPN Free for 48 hours – Premium plan !

| December 13, 2012

Secure your Internet connection with SecurityKISS Tunnel. They are a leading VPN provider to protect privacy, ensure anonymity and bypass Internet restrictions. SecurityKISS is a VirtualPrivateNetwork service which ensures your internet connection remains secure, private and anonymous.

It does this by redirecting your online traffic through a secure tunnel to a security gateway where all the data is encrypted.
This means your real IP address is hidden so websites will think you are browsing from somewhere else.

It usually takes around 30 seconds to initially connect to a server and a similar amount of time when changing servers.
The free package allows you access to four server locations(UK,USA,France and Germany) but you are limited to only 300MB of data per day.This free package is not intended for video streamers but should be enough for light,anonymous browsing.

The major plus points of this service are:
1-Ease of use-just install and you’re ready to go!
2-Many server locations-11 countries at present with more to follow.
3-Good speeds.
4-Unlimited switching between servers
5-Improved security-each user has their own unique 1024 bit security
6-Allows anonymous downloads and connection to geo restricted sites.
7-Allows you to pause connection, for normal browsing, with a quick reconnection without exiting/restarting the program.

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