[Giveaway] Steganos Safe with serial. Highly secure encryption of your personal data

| December 13, 2010

Deposit all your important documents, private photos and videos in Steganos Safe – out of reach for others and highly secure! Even highly sensible data like PIN/TAN lists or secret codes are safely protected in the virtual vault of Steganos Safe.

Steganos Safe works just like a real vault and protects all of your data from unauthorized third-party access. Without the right password, nobody can retrieve the contents.

  • 512 GB virtual “safe” capacity keeps all data, photos, films, documents, out of reach of intruders
  • High security Safe Password feature bars access to data and files
  • Scrambler option repositions virtual keyboard keys with each use
  • Digital “Safe Key“ locks your passwords onto USB stick, mobile phone, iPod or digital camera, unlocking them automatically on your own PC
  • “Safe Shredder” deletes unwanted data permanently, even on external discs and drives
  • Email security per mouse click with the “Mailbox Safe“ encoder feature

To get the license go to the promo page and fill the form.

Download the program here.

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