[Giveaway] SysCheckUp FULL VERSION licenses

| March 1, 2011

SysCheckUp is software for Windows designed to repair your computer and keep your computer running at maximum performance. SysCheckUp uses several different methods to accomplish this task including removing unnecessary files/registry data and repairing multiple problems. SysCheckUp is unique from most other repair/optimization software for Windows.

SysCheckUp features:

Repair Tool

Repairs multiple problems including:

  • missing taskbars
  • missing desktop icons
  • missing CD drives
  • malfunctioning CD autorun
  • malfunctioning secure websites
  • malfunctioning printing
  • video/audio codecs
  • Windows Installer
  • System Restore

Registry Cleaner

  • Scans: file extensions, ActiveX/COM, startup items, most recently used file lists, services, and more in your registry and removes the errors/unnecessary data it finds
  • Helps to make your computer more manageable
  • Can indirectly fix some problems related to the registry
  • Possibly increase system performance
  • Significantly more thorough than many other registry cleaners

Registry Compactor

  • Analyzes your registry and detects if it can be compacted
  • Compacts your registry to speed up registry access times possibly increasing system performance

Startup Optimizer

  • Optimizes your Windows startup for faster boot times

Startup Manager

  • Allows you to enable/disable startup items that start while Windows is loading to decrease Windows boot time and disable problematic processes

Shell Extension Manager

  • Allows you to enable/disable shell extensions that are loaded into Windows Explorer
  • Disable problematic shell extensions that slow down Windows Explorer or causes Windows Explorer to crash

Registry Backup/Restore

  • Creates registry backups and restores them at a later date if your registry becomes corrupted

Disk Cleaner

  • Scans your hard drive for unnecessary files and deletes them to free up space for more useful files and to possibly increase performance

Broken Shortcut Remover

  • Scans your hard drive for broken shortcuts and remove them

Empty Folder Remover

  • Scans your hard drive for empty folders

System Tweaker

  • Allows you to tweak your computer’s settings to get the most out of your PC’s performance

In cooperation with SysCheckUp (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 30 licenses! of SysCheckUp worth $19.95 each

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