[Giveaway] teh internets – When Memes Attack game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| April 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

In teh internets you travel through the wilds of the net in your roflcopter collecting adorable lolcats, dodging annoying popup windows, and feeding the trolls cheezburgers in this action-arcade cyberspace-shooter time reaction game. Expect to get smashed with internet memes.

Objects in the world of teh internets include:
* Adorable lolcats
* Obnoxious popup windows
* Average trolls (get smaller when you feed them)
* Viruses (virii?)
* Ruthless trolls (get bigger when you feed them)
* Flaming trolls (get bigger and shoot insults at you)
* Firewalls
* Lollerskaters (for extra lives!)


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