[Giveaway] teh internets – When Memes Attack game for iPhone, iPod and iPad

| April 4, 2011

In teh internets you travel through the wilds of the net in your roflcopter collecting adorable lolcats, dodging annoying popup windows, and feeding the trolls cheezburgers in this action-arcade cyberspace-shooter time reaction game. Expect to get smashed with internet memes.

Objects in the world of teh internets include:
* Adorable lolcats
* Obnoxious popup windows
* Average trolls (get smaller when you feed them)
* Viruses (virii?)
* Ruthless trolls (get bigger when you feed them)
* Flaming trolls (get bigger and shoot insults at you)
* Firewalls
* Lollerskaters (for extra lives!)


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