[Giveaway] Topaz ReStyle

| April 13, 2014

Get a creative and interesting result every single time you apply Topaz ReStyle to your image.

ReStyle’s proprietary engine intelligently maps external tones + colors into your image, giving fantastic results.

With this many photographic looks and styles at your fingertips, it’s impossible to not find the perfect one.

Take full control over your results by fine-tuning each effect’s colors and using the built-in HSL adjustments.

Try different blending modes and opacity values to find the perfect balance in your photo.

Search not only by keyword but also by color. Open a full-sized gallery for quick browsing.

Use the powerful included masking suite to easily apply effects to only certain parts of your image.

Need more than a thousand effects? No problem, create as many of your own as you like.

topaz restyle

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2. [Giveaway] Topaz ReStyle

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