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| May 30, 2012

WinUtilities Pro comes with the tools to optimize most any part of your computer, The Six Features that it boasts are Clean Up and Repair, Optimize and Improve, Privacy and Security, Files and Folders, Registry Tools, and System Tools.

It comes with a very friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface), it has the feature to “roll back” or restore an action that has been performed too. WinUtilities is basically an All In One Tool to keep your computer clutter free, private, and running in top notch form. I am going to show you some of those unique features this Program carries to the table.

1.) Clean Up & Repair – it offers the Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Shortcuts Fixer, and Uninstall Manager. And Good Advice will always pay off when using the registry cleaner, make sure to Backup your Registry First. The Disk Cleaner is a detailed cleaner of duplicate files, and wasted disc space on your hard drive. The Shortcut Fixer is just that, it fixes or removes shortcuts that are no longer valid or corrupted. The Uninstall Manager is a step above the built in Windows version that will help you to uninstall programs the correct way, insuring that your pc is free from left behind parts of a program that does not remove when uninstalling or deleting the program.

2.) Optimize and Improve – is the deep cleaning part of this program, it gives you the option to defragment your registry (again, any time you mess with the registry, Back it up First), it offers the tools to defragment your hard drive too. Also the tool to Optimize the Memory, especially for those computers that does not have much memory installed to begin with. BHO Remover (Browser Hijack Objects Remover) is a tool to manage or get rid of Browser Add-ons that may be harmful or non useful to the browser your using, mainly Internet Explorer is the target for the BHO’s. So this tool is a good tool to have if IE is your default browser. Startup Cleaner is a good tool that I use often, it helps to keep those programs from starting when you boot your computer on. Some programs just install the startup feature whether you want it to or not, this tool comes into the scene and removes those, thus freeing up much needed Memory on your PC.

3.) Privacy and Security – this set of tools are for any PC user who does any kind of online shopping, visiting unknown sites or just the feeling of knowing your computer is safe and you and your data is secure. History Cleaner does just that, it gives you the option to remove any history from your browsers and computer. It does a thorough job of cleaning your browsers history, and cookies. Process Security, this tool is a much needed security tool it shows you a list of processes running on your computer, and whether they are trustworthy, neutral, unknown or harmful, and the Author of this program offers a substantial database of known processes on their website, see picture below…

Exe Protector, this tool protects your important exe files from unauthorized access and use. It also offers the user the option to password protect a Windows Executable File (Exe), and even if an individual copies the file to another computer and tries to use it, it will still prompt the user for the correct password, and will not run without it. Very nice tool to have. Another great tool is the File Shredder, it allows you the option of completely destroying a file with no chance of recovery, this feature is very useful when you want important documents destroyed to where no one can obtain any important information from them. It deletes the file or folder, etc. permanently too.

This tool bypasses your recycle bin when deleting the files, so it is gone for good, not to be recovered for prying eyes to see or use. File Undelete, This tool allows you to scan the hard drive and compiles a detailed list of items that have been deleted and the stage (lost, poor, fair, good) list of files, and I had deleted a Google Earth Bundled exe file, and the stage was fair for recovering it, it not only restored the file, but the test to install the file was excellent, it was recovered in whole and actually would work as usual. It does an excellent job of restoring deleted files, But not for those that was used with the file shredder.

4.) Files and Folders – In this category of tools it gives you tools to Protect your Documents, Split and Join Files, and to find Duplicate Files on your computer, this will help in freeing up space by deleting files that have been duplicated. The Document Protector offers you the opportunity to password protect sensitive documents or for other security reasons you may have. And it does a superb job of protecting them too. The File Split and Join tool is just that, it can help you to split a large file into pieces and send them by email, or to put on floppies, If you still use those, or to transport and reassemble at a later time. It does a terrific job of splitting and joining the files, and the end product is a file that is just as it was when you started, you cannot even tell that it had been split into parts and rejoined.

5.) Registry Tools – Before I cover this set of tools, I cannot stress enough, Any time you deal with Any Tool that works on the Registry, Please Back Up your Registry BEFORE Proceeding, if Not and something does go wrong, it can either Cripple your Computer or render it as an Expensive Useless Computer. Registry Backup and Restore, this tool is just that, and it is for the warning that I just gave to you at the beginning of this section, It allows you to backup certain parts of the Registry, or the Registry in Whole. And in the case that something went wrong when making changes to the registry it allows you to restore it to a time when things worked well. Registry Search, This allows the computer user to search for a “String” in the registry, the Strings are, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_USERS, and HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG. And under these strings are the registry entries that belong to every program that is on your computer, every piece of information the computer needs to operate on a daily basis, You can look at the Registry as the Brain of the Computer.

6.) System Tools – this section of tools is based for use on the system in whole, System Control is a tool that consists of Configuration Files, Environment, OEM Information, Control Panel, Auto Shutdown, and Network and Internet. The first two sections of this tool, the daily computer user should not have any use to change any settings in it. The OEM Information allows the user to Change the Owner information of the computer, and to add a picture to the OEM Info part. The control panel list the items located in the control panel of the computer and allows the user to run these programs as if you were doing so in the control panel itself on the computer. Auto Shutdown allows the user to set a time of day that the computer can shut down automatically without any further user actions. Network and Internet is a section that allows the user to set settings for the internet to adjust the speed, and functions of the browser. And it gives the option to recommend the settings according to the specs of the computer being used.

Task Scheduler is a tool that allows the user to set a time for a certain program to run on a schedule or one time instances. You can add, edit a task, delete it, save your settings and exit the Task Scheduler.

System information, gives the user a detailed report on the computer, ranging from computer information, information on the computers display, memory, performance, drives, system devices, I/O devices, Network and Battery. A Very detailed run down of the computer and it’s components.

Auto Shutdown allows the user to set a time to automatically Shutdown, Restart, Log Off, Hibernate, Stand By, or Power Off at a specified time, and gives the user an option to password protect this feature to stop it at anytime.

Windows Standard Tools, is a set of tools that come with the computer as a default option, for instances, Registry Editor, DirectX, System Information, System Configuration Utility, Disk Cleanup, and Computer Management.


As you can see this is a very well packed program full of useful tools for the daily user, and at your fingertips for use by a click of the mouse. It comes with well proven tools, and the help files on each to answer any questions the user may have, and the Website to assist further if needed, with a award winning support team at your disposal for questions and answers you may have or need to assist you beyond what the program offers in help sections. If you don’t have this program you should get it, and if your trying the version out, get your license today for the full featured pack of tools.

Reviewed by MBarker

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