[Giveway] Data-to-PDF

| May 8, 2012

Data-to-PDF is a program to convert any kind of relational data (that could be represented as a table) into Adobe PDF format.


Converts MS Excel spreadsheets to PDF
Converts MS SQL tables to PDF
Converts MS Access tables to PDF
Converts MySQL tables to PDF
Converts relational data from text file to a table and then into PDF format
Converts XML file to a table and then to PDF
Converts whole database (SQL Server / MS Access / MySQL) with number of tables to one PDF document with multiple pages
Converts a text file to PDF as it is
Allows user to create new grid of data and to convert that into PDF format
Common editing, finding & replacing options for data grid
Query Builder tool to create and execute queries rapidly against data grid
Easy to use wizard-style interface for most of the operations

[Giveway] Data-to-PDF

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