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| September 22, 2013

Memory Scan: Scan all the applications and processes in the memory, all the modules called in the memory and key positions of memory and system, to ensure the security of your memory.

Disk Scan: Scan the whole disk thoroughly for you to ensure the security of the disk.

System Info : Optimize the memory to ensure the system performance.

Submit Files: In case you encounter unrecognizable suspicious programs or threats, you can submit to us for analysis. We will deal with the submitted files and add them the database in case they are real threats.

System Manager

Inspect Process: Inspect all the running system processes, and if you think some items are suspicious, you can choose to end them.

Inspect Startup: Monitor all the system startups, and you can easily disable the selected ones.. Inspect Service.: Inspect and manage all the system services easily.

System Report: Check the Windows system processes, startups, services, drivers, and IE browser related information of the computer, to analyze whether your computer is at risk. Once suspicous objects detected, you can Submit the suspicious files to the technicians for confirmation.

White List: White List function cover Suspicious files quarantine, exclude, and malicious website blocking.

Advanced Functions

Quarantine: Quarantine is the place to isolate the threats. You can restore the selected threat, add them to white list or clear them.

System Repair: Provide you with reocovery solution for some commonly encounted issues.

Enhanced Uninstall: Deal with those programs that cannot be uninstalled through the regular way.

ARP Bundle: The bundle of gateway IP and MAC address enables you to avoid network failures caused by ARP attack. So, we recommend the bidirectional bundle at gateway and router for better performance. The function suits only the LAN users.


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