[Guest post] Google Voice explained

| July 31, 2011

It seems as if Google does it all. Besides being a search engine, an email service provider and a humongous buisness giant, Google is now a phone service provider. Their new product, Google Voice is a digital intergration system that takes a uniquely ‘Google’ approach towards telephone coverage.

When one signs up for Google Voice (an invitation-only product), they are issued a new telephone number. This number can act as an office, cell or home phone number. It also can intergrate the three phone systems together and act as all three. This has become a matter of controversy as some people would like to keep their original office or home phone lines.  A feature of this new intergrated telephone number is that this number can ring on any or all of the lines according to set customer preferences. This minimalizes the number of calls a person has to make to find the Google Voice customer. Also, it minimizes the number of voicemails a Google Voice customer would receive.

A huge aspect of the Google Voice product is the emphasis on customer preference settings. For example, certain callers will only have access for office numbers, or will be blocked entirely. Another featured option is that of their time sensitive message directing. A customer could have all calls directed to their cell phone on the weekend, or have all calls directed to their home phone after a certain time of the day.

At it’s heart, Google Voice is just another telephone service. While they offer some unique features and a new approach, their biggest selling point is that they are currently offering their services for free. Keep in mind, GV is a voicemail only package so there is no danger of the product putting answering service companies like Specialty Answering Service out of business, at least for now!

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