[Guest post] IPhone 5 Release – Wait Extended By a Month

| September 2, 2011

September. If rumors are to be believed, (remember, the September release date was a rumor as well, since the company never revealed a date), then iPhone 5 has been delayed by another month and will most likely show up in October. Rumor mills have been working overtime propagating that iPhone 5 is all set for a September release. However, as per the latest news, the phone may not, in most likelihood, turn up this September. Another rumor that is sure to create a hue, cry and uproar in America is that the Chinese population in China will get a release ahead of United States. How far the rumor is true is not known but the news is spreading like wild fire.

Why the delay?

In all likelihood, the delay is caused because Apple is busy with iPad 3, which is also to be released by the end of this year. The phone is being assembled by a Chinese, more specifically, Taiwanese company. For glitches and problems that are not certain, the release of the phone had progressed a month further. The highly secretive approach of the company seems to be getting on the nerves of people, who will sure face disappointment in the fact that they will have to wait until October now. IPad 3 is in full swing and a lot of importance is being to the tablet as well. Although certain rumors are that iPad 3 and the new smart phone will have the same release date, it is very unlikely for it to happen since the market will split up. One gadget at a time is the best business mantra that companies can adopt to ensure that attention does not vane from any of the devices.

Processor problem

It is certain that Apple has included its A5 processor in the new phone. This fact is almost certain in the light of rumors that A5 with its multi-core facility is the cause of problem. The powerful processor, which has been used in iPad, where it did not cause a problem, seems to be causing a serious problem in iPhone by over heating it. It is probably due to lack of resolution of this problem that the release date was postponed by a month, to October.

From summer to fall

The release of iPhone 5, which was slated for summer this year, has been postponed to the fall. The delay may also be caused because the network providers, who have been working towards providing perfect 4G connectivity, are not yet ready to provide the service. According to rumors, the new phone will not have 4G at all but 3G LTE, which is a higher grade is 3G connectivity but not as good and powerful as 4G connectivity. However, Apple seems to be in talks with a Dubai based company for obtaining 4G connectivity for iPhone 5. Nothing has been made public as yet. Another reason for delay is battery. Apple seems to be working hard to provide a better battery and the shortage of lithium batteries from Japan can be a cause of delay.

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