[Guest post] Putting all Your Trust in a Dedicated Server

| August 20, 2011

When it comes to creating an online presence, businesses generally have two options for hosting a website: using a dedicated server or shared web hosting. The two have their benefits: with web hosting you can get anywhere from 50mb to 5gb of space, free e-mail, and 1gb – 20gb of bandwidth per month, for the average price of $4-5/month. That’s quite a lot, and there are many websites that don’t need any more than that.

However when a business begins to grow, it’s important to plan for the future and the fact is shared web hosting doesn’t hold a candle to a dedicated server for full, robust websites. Think of a shared server like an apartment complex: you pay someone rent every month to use their space, you share that space with lots of other websites, and eventually you may have more stuff than fits in that space, so perhaps you want to move into a dedicated server house.


– Now you can stretch out! All the space on a dedicated server is yours,
– You can choose the operating system and any other applications to run
– You get more bandwidth and you don’t have to share it, if you like you can even choose the actual server hardware which will be hosting the data (extra-tech types love choice)
– Rather than obey the rules of someone else’s server, you can administer a dedicated server the way you like.

Dedicated servers rescue you from a cramped living situation on a shared server, but why would you need all that space to yourself?

When hosting your own website, having a dedicated server means the server is dedicated to your website and only your website. You have the ability to build databases, forums, shopping carts and other features typical of a full-fledged website. Databases are incredibly large and are not possible with free web hosting; there is simply not enough space. With your own line of bandwidth, you can direct higher volumes of traffic to you website without having to worry about a crash and/or having to turn away visitors because of bandwidth overage.

With managed dedicated servers, you also get a more reliable setup back with the security of the server manager. If there is a problem with the server, there are people on hand to solve the problem. Again, all these resources are dedicated to your site and all its components.

All this comes at a price, though. In order to take advantages of the benefits of a dedicated server you’ll be looking at between $50 and $200 per month. Although the price difference is a large one, a large business looking for a more customized controlled website experience should consider the move. Most of the time, the ability to improve your website’s options and allows easier access for customers will save you money long-term.

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