How to add Autoplay Background Music on Tumblr

| March 28, 2012

Another very nice post from that explains how to address an issue while using the autoplay. Many Tumblr users don’t like to have a music player set on autoplay. Here are some tips explaining how to do it and how to add background music playlists to Tumblr. This post basically explains how to put music on Tumblr that autoplays in the background:

This is an excerpt of their post:

  1. For the autoplay widget we are going to use
  2. You first need to register with them. go here and create an account.
  3. Once you are logged in, go here. After you entered the name, go back to your account and scroll down until you find the playlists section, there you need to set the one you are interested in to ACTIVE, then go to search and start adding songs to your playlist, this will always be your autoplay background music, and you need to come back to the site and edit the playlist if you want different songs to play.
  4. Now, go here to crete your autoplay music widget from hypster. Choose the playlist and check the enable autoplay option.
  5. The code below is the embed widget that autoplays on tumblr (make sure the volume is up so you can actually verify it’s working).
    1. The next step to have the background mp3 player is to strip a lot this code.  First, you must delete the <img tag until you see /> (right before <embed tag begins).  Then you need to delete the <a tag until </a>. Also, get rid of <br/> .  Finally, we must make some mods to the final code that is to be embedded as the background player for Tumblr. You can see that there are two pairs of width and height tags. You must change the values of the height tags to 15 in both cases.  Regarding the width tags, you can start by leaving them at 150, but that varies if you want to display the song title or not.  Never delete the px word after each value.
    2. This is how it should like once the editing for the Tumblr autoplay background music player is done;

You can read the full post here: How to get music on Tumblr

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