How to create image watermarks with HTMLCanvas and Javascript

| April 5, 2011

watermark.js is a js library for creating watermarks on images. Images with a classname of your choice (default “watermark”) will get processed and then apply your watermark. Your watermark doesn’t have to be a .PNG or .GIF with transparency, watermark.js creates transparency even if you defined a .JPG as your watermark picture. watermark.js is open source, feel free to fork on github, contributions are very welcome.

The purpose of watermark.js is to protect images, served from your website from copying without a mark. It’s not a real image protection, because if you get the document at the initial state you’ll be able to read the sources but a normal user wont get it 😉 watermark.js is not limited to “image-protection” only, but you could also place a little identifier or a picture of you in your images.


Category: Graphics, Internet