How to: Create your company branded intranet and access it from anywhere with Remindo

| November 29, 2009

Create your company branded intranet in minutes and access it from anywhere on the web. Share information, collaborate and project manage with your team and clients.


Remindo gives you a personalized URL like to access your company intranet. Share this secure URL with your clients and team to give them access to your company intranet anywhere on the web.

Brand your intranet by uploading your company logo. Your team and clients will see it prominently displayed on every page of your intranet, truly making it your own.

A powerful Twitter-like messaging system but private for your team. Team members can share thoughts on work, projects, ask questions, share URLs, or simply post status updates.

As team members join your intranet, they are automatically added to the Instant Messaging list and instantly organized. Clients and partners can also be added to IM allowing your entire team to have instant one-on-one access to each other. You can also send offline messages as a great replacement to sending emails.

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