How to search and download Free legal MP3 songs

| May 31, 2012

Guvera is a website where you can search and download for Free legal MP£ music. All content is free. The system is based on credits and it’s very easy to use.

A lot of songs from famous artists downloadable and totally legal !

From Guvera’s FAQ:

How does Guvera work?
Essentially, we match brands to consumers and they pay for you to download music for free. Instead of brands spending their money advertising to you during your favourite TV show, brands are providing you with credit to download music for free.
Where does the money for this come from?
Unlike P2P file-sharing systems, all content you access through Guvera is legal. Unlike iTunes, all content you access through Guvera is free. Downloads from Guvera can be used on all devices, are premium quality, virus-free and best of all the artists get paid.
Does providing personal information mean I’ll get spammed?
No. All details remain confidential. We want our users to enjoy their Guvera experience, and so do our advertisers.
What happens to the personal information I provide to Guvera?
This information is used ensure the brands who are paying for the content, reach the right people. The accurate matching of brands and users is what enables Guvera to work, and your content to be legal and paid for. Your personal information is never passed on to advertisers or used for any advertiser marketing purposes.

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