How to synchronize automatically your documents and Google Docs

| December 13, 2010

Up the Sync is a simple and easy to use one way document synchronising program for Google docs. Designed so that copies of documents on your computer are kept up to date on Google docs.

Therefore any lose of data occuring on your computer does not mean a lose of important documents.


– Checks if the document on Google docs is out of date with the copy on the user’s computer.

– Automatically synchronises by default every 5 minutes, but can be changed.

– Minimizes to the system tray. – When a folder is added, subfolders are also added by default.

– Only synchronises files that have previously been added to Google docs. *

– User can deselect documents that they do not wish to be synchronised.

– A beautifully simple user interface!

Extract all files from the zip file and run the jar file.


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